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I create illustrations in a variety of media including fine-liner, pencil and collage. Work includes commissions from The Woodland Trust and a collaboration with Historic England. When writing educational resources I usually illustrate the text; sometimes this will be for step-by-step instructions and sometimes to illuminate a point in the writing. 

I feel strongly that drawing is a much underused form of communication. Many times in workshops I have been told by participants "Oh, I can't draw!" Like any skill you improve with practise but in the meantime it is a great tool for understanding, observation and relaxation.

For me, drawing is always the starting point of a project. Putting pen or pencil to paper gets my brain working in ways that other media just doesn't achieve. From there a work may evolve into three dimensions, develop into paint or collage or improve as a drawing. All are equally valid.

I am happy to accept commissions or discuss further collaborations. Please do get in touch.
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