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My art practice for over 24 years has encompassed a wide variety of media and purposes. The central threads that link each project and creation are of story, environment and people. 

I have begun growing a range of social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, for which the links can be found below. 

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My Work

Using these central threads as guides, my practice has evolved over the years. Work has ranged from murals, illustrations, ceramics and mosaics to school grounds design and Forest School. I have worked with children from as young as 2 to people in their 90s, with schools, families, governmental organisations, businesses and charities. Many collaborations have run over a number of years including projects with The Woodland Trust, Learning Through Landscapes, Historic England, Mars Food UK and numerous schools.


Repeating themes in my work include reading, history, science, wildlife, trees, often made into stories or given a narrative element. Environmental sustainability has always been important through the use of material, themes and travel.


I love the excitement of a new strand of work, the focus of research, the puzzle of putting things together and the deep satisfaction of creation. Equally there is joy in working with others, when ideas bounce around in unexpected directions. Children, in particular, are great collaborators as they tend not to see boundaries. Taking art work, school grounds or Forest School (and sometimes all three) on new paths is always the aim.

Contact Me 

There is more information about me, my practice and the work I do with others throughout this website. Please feel free to contact me or explore my social media. 

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