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Art Projects

I offer a range of art-related activities:


  • art and design & technology CPD for all teaching staff

  • art and design & technology lessons for children 

  • workshops in a variety of media including drawing, painting, printing, collage, ceramics, mosaic and more. These may be with schools, charities, governmental organisations or businesses.

  • site-specific projects which may be related to school grounds or building improvements, including murals and school grounds development

  • residencies – a long term creative relationship with an organisation with a reciprocal benefit to both parties.

Repeating themes in my work include reading, history, science, wildlife, trees, often made into stories or given a narrative element. Environmental sustainability is always important.

All projects are designed and costed to individual needs. Please contact me for more information.

Art for wellbeing sessions can also be designed according to requirements and I collaborate with a wellbeing specialist to deliver a holistic service in this area.

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